every piece of jewelry is carefully and with great precision crafted and examined by me and my team. I put special emphasis on the quality and origin of the material. The high-quality alloys come from the depots, which largely win the metals through precious metal recycling. The gemstones are sourced exclusively from reliable sources. the diamonds are of conflict-free origin. In addition to the existing collections, there is also the possibility to implement individual wishes: I look forward to developing your very personal piece of jewelery with you.

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collection ›tagliatelle‹ with customizable banners

Even at first glance, the playful design of the ›La Grande‹-jewelery pieces is fascinating and unusual - on second closer look it also reveals a surprise, an individual engraving. A message of the heart, an inspirational quote, a friendship vow …
A special detail is that the gold in the engraving, the silver shines through and an optical depth is created, which gives the message even more emphasis. Ein besonderes Detail ist, dass beim Goldschmuck in der Gravur das Silber wieder durchscheint und eine optische Tiefe entsteht, die der Botschaft noch mehr Nachdruck verleiht. The ultimate personal piece of jewellery.

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Bremen advancement award for Applied Arts

Honored with the Bremen advancement award for Applied Arts 2005 for the collection ›Tagliatelle‹:
"The works of Dorte Peymann, a necklace and three rings, convinced the jury due to their high craftsmanship and their technical mastery. (…)
As a design approach, the work is based on the observation of the everyday, familiar process of how a plastic gift wrap ribbon curls up. Dorte Peymann lends permanence to this ephemeral event by translating it into a material that is inherently different. This contradiction creates an ironic tension, questions the traditional understanding of jewelry without renouncing high craftsmanship. However, the technical mastery remains hidden behind the impression of spontaneity and lightness. In their seeming ease, they give the jewelry a playful character that convinces the jury."

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