dorte peymann

1968 born in bremen
1989-1993 training and apprenticeship as goldsmith, bremen
1993-1995 assistance for a master tradesman in bocholt and achim, germany
1995-1997 studied state academy of drawing at hanau, germany, diploma as master goldsmith and state certified designer
1996 submission of the ring “perplexed” to the international “camelot 1114” competition at krakau, Poland
seit 1997 various exhibitions in germany
seit 1998 workshop and atelier in bremen, germany
1998-2003 trade fair participation in frankfurt and munich, germany
seit 2003 member of the akb bremen and regular participant of their exhibitions, i.e. “ins grüne”, focke park
seit 2001 annual christmas exhibitions of bremen’s craftspeople at the historic town hall in bremen, germany
seit 2002 annual exhibition ›gold am fluss‹ of the goldsmith guild bremen at the historic town hall in bremen, germany
seit 2004 showroom and workshop at Ostertorsteinweg 60 in bremen, germany
seit 2005 training of goldsmith apprentices
2005 winner of the advancement prize for applied arts, awarded by bremen’s cultural senator
2010 special award for the apprentice Sandra schumann by the chamber of commerce as federal winner and 3rd place in the national competition
2015 special award for the apprentice toni waldemair by the chamber of commerce
2022 special award for the apprentice hereza rosa schmidtke by the chamber of commerce

dorte peymann

dorte peymann schmuckstücke

individuality is one of my first priorities. not only when i design custom made jewelry, but also in my collections. the delicate aesthetics of the pieces i design is their common denominator. as different as they are, the filigree components are the defining feature of my work. the pieces make a statement without being loud. they underline the personality of the wearer without being dominant. fine details not only require the highest workmanship and precision, they also attract special attention. my jewelry combines timeless beauty, worthiness, and craftsmanship. it goes far beyond any fashion trends.



these flowers playfully entwine the skin in silver, gold or in a combination of these precious metals. gemstones can be added as additional accents. finely crafted and filigree in appearance but nonetheless robust and solid: these rings, bracelets, and earrings are sturdy companions for any day and any event. They’re a compliment to nature just as much as to the person who wears them.

collection ›Tagliatelle‹


unusual and lively, almost as if the material is in motion: these ribbons curl around the neck, arms, fingers, and from the ears. different widths and designs – thin as tagliatelle and wide as la grande – make this collection original and so exceptional, that is was awarded with bremen’s advancement prize for applied arts. masterfully handcrafted, spontaneous, light: the likeness to something as ordinary as noodles or gift ribbons was translated into gold and silver and thereby turned into something absolutely special.

collection ›Printemps‹


spring – pioneering spirits, warmth, a promise of things to come: the silver rings of this collection are crowned by diamonds in natural colors which symbolize the awakening of the world outside. the golden ring with a diamond is as radiant as the sun. the simplicity of the rings’ design lets the attention focus fully on the stone.

award winning collection

Award winner

›Tagliatelle‹ was awarded with bremen’s prize for applied art in 2005. comment of the jury:
„dorte peymann’s work, a necklace and three rings, convinced the jury with their high approach to craftmanship and technical mastering. (…)
her work is defined by the observance of daily events such as a curling ribbon. an ordinary occurrence is translated into a material which would not, given its nature, usually move in this fashion. this contradiction causes an ironic suspense which questions the traditional perception of jewelry. the technical precision is hidden behind the impression of ease and spontaneity. the seeming effortlessness and her playful approach completely convinced the jury.“

special events

special events

special pieces of jewelry keep the memory of special events alive: these silk ribbons with silver or gold pendants can be personalized with personalized embossing or word messages. You can give something very personal for their rites of passage into adult life. of course, other events are also welcome like anniversaries, baptisms, birthdays or weddings



as a special service we offer to clean and refresh jewelry surfaces free of charge for the first three years after purchase. also, the firm fit of stones should be checked regularly to avoid loss. pearl necklaces should be restrung annually.

about wedding

about wedding

my offering does not stop at extraordinary wedding rings, but i also offer other pieces of jewelry for the most beautiful day in your life. furthermore, my collection also accompanies the new phase of life, which only starts with the word "yes!". at this photo shoot, in cooperation with the group "about weddings bremen", the delicate pearl jewelry is the focus of my contribution to the overall styling. also involved were a hatter, a graphic designer, a hair stylist, a florist, a videographer, a photographer and two confectioners. more information can be found on instagram „about weddings bremen“ .



custom work

making your ideas come true is a wonderful challenge for everyone in the workshop. the first step is a drawing which i prepare in accordance with the customer’s wishes. when this drawing meets approval, the piece is designed in the workshop. the mba graduate rings are one example of custom-made jewelry made by my team and me. but it doesn’t necessarily have to be jewelry: decorative objects such as tealight bowls were designed by us for an exhibition.


every one of my hand-made pieces of jewelry is certified. the certificate guarantees the authenticity of the piece and the materials used. in addition, every piece has a storage number and can therefore be identified at any time. this is essential information for the insurance company in case of loss or theft. also, our accurate documentation helps when a ring size is in question or when a piece of jewelry is to be upgraded or remodeled.